Jose Espinoza

I come from a family of farmers, in the 50s my grandfather bought a lot of land in Venezuela -that’s where I’m from!- with the idea of planting corn and reinvesting his earnings in buying cows. He said that to be a cowboy you had to first be a farmer. From him I think that I have my passion for this sector, work side by side with the producer, looking for the best chances of getting a win-win; Quality, inclement weather, sustainability, solving details so that everything goes well and our customers are happy, is my motivation on a daily basis. It is very interesting to go to a plantation where the fruit is still in tree and only 1 or 2 days after our customers have it. It makes every day a challenge to fulfill, where afterwards you feel happy for the job well done, thinking and looking that the best thing not be sold it’s that they repeat.

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