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We look back on a good and well-attended fair. We welcomed many of our customers and suppliers to our stand with a good cup of coffee, Healthy Limejuice or a Happy Caipirinha. The past season was evaluated, new plans were forged and new contacts are made. Thanks a lot for being with us!
But it didn’t stop there; the LimeTree that adorned our stand was given a second life. Curious !? Read below how the story went on ­čśë

To be honest; it took quite a bit of effort to get the tree safely out of Madrid, haha. But; after the fair, all our colleagues came to Spain and we enjoyed our well-deserved rest in Alicante together with the entire FMI team! The finishing touch came at Granja Masphael: an organic farm in Alicante near our office. FMI supports the farm and our Spanish colleagues have a small piece of land where they grow their own vegetables. There, in that earth, we gave our baby LimeTree a second life. After the digging and planting we ate a delicious paella. And of course we relaxed by swimming, playing a padel match and relaxing in the Spa or in the Spanish sun! ´ŞĆ ԜǴŞĆ