Ginger: some people love it, some people less: but one thing is for sure it’s super healthy, I must confess!


So, after this little poem, let’s get to serious business. It’s not a lie, ginger indeed is extremely healthy and this root is therefore used for many medical purposes. In this blog, I want to focus on the benefits of consuming Ginger, but I also want to give more examples on how to use this root. There’s more in the world than just tea with ginger. Here are some original ideas listed just for you. You’re welcome ;).




Are you a smoothie fan? Then this one is very easy: simply add the ginger to your smoothie (amount depending your own personal taste) and voilà your smoothie instantly became even healthier! For an idea of a smoothie with ginger click here for our favorite recipe.


Makes sense right!? What is sushi without the ginger? It is obvious that fish and ginger combine perfectly together. Ginger tastes delicious combined with for example Tilapia fish, check out the super healthy recipe.


And nope, I am not talking about fish soup this time. You can add some ginger to your carrot or sweet potato soup! This recipe we found just looks heavenly…


Yep you read that right, cookies! And honestly, who doesn’t like cookies? Especially when they are a totally conscious/healthy snack, that contains lots of beneficial ingredients. I’ve searched for (in my opinion) one of the healthiest ginger-cookies version, but if you need a little more sweetness in your life there are so many other recipes with sugar added.


These were just 4 of the numerous ways of how to use ginger in your daily life. Now I will explain to you why consuming this root in these delicious recipes is such a WIN-WIN. Ginger is actually part of the plant family including cardamom and turmeric (the main spice in curry), which also are known for their beneficial ingredients.




  • Helps decrease inflammation. This is the work of the substance called Gingerol. So if you have injured yourself or eaten something bad: consume ginger.
  • Fights nauseas. We all know how horrible it feels to feel nauseous and even worse when it seems that nothing helps. Studies have shown that the consumption of ginger can fight nauseas. YAY!
  • Helps against heart attacks and strokes. The substances of Ginger have an anti-blood-clotting ability. Onions and garlic are also known for this ability. These 3 foods together are a powerful weapon against a heart attack or stroke. BAM how about that!


So our conclusion is: do not underestimate the power of Ginger! And call us for the best prices, we import these health boosters from China, Thailand and Brasil (depending on the season).