Our colleagues have not been sitting around doing nothing since the FMI office opened in Spain. José Espinoza in particular went out every day to visit Spanish suppliers, exchange knowledge and scout opportunities. We are therefore incredibly proud that his work has yielded fruit so soon: The first pallets of beautiful Primofiori Premium Quality Lemons in gleaming Royal Fresh boxes!

From the beginning, FMI España’s focus was on developing good relationships with suppliers of Spanish lemons, among others. FMI wants to be able to provide its customers with high-quality lemons of the Royal Fresh brand from both Spain and Argentina all year round.


Because FMI values maintaining control over the complete supply chain and good relationships with various growers, an office in Alicante, the heart of the Spanish fruit and vegetable region, was a strategic choice. Likewise, the fact that we are present in various overseas regions every month, because we believe in short lines to the source. José is the ‘eyes and ears’ of FMI España in order to only select and organise the best fruit for the customer. Thanks to José’s experience in the fruit and vegetable sector (he worked in every link of the supply chain for 20 years), we know what the challenges of agricultural production are and know that top quality can only be achieved by checking all links correctly – from the start at the ‘finca’ to the customer’s dock. We pack the fruit with special care, according to the quality requirements of one of the most demanding markets in the European trade.


The renowned brand Royal Fresh – which has been on the market for 25 years – represents exclusivity and is popular in the higher on-trade segment. That is why the brand is perfect for Spanish lemons of the best quality. We were therefore a perfect match for our Spanish supplier, who had his high-quality Primofioris ‘decorated’ by the gleaming black boxes with the famous logo. Love at first sight. 😉


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