René Bouman

I’ve been working in the fruit & vegetable sector for more than 30 years, the last 10 of which at FMI – together with my brother Peter – where our father is still involved in the background.

We have chosen to mainly do what we’re good at; Limes, Lemons & Ginger, where I primarily focus on sourcing the various products. It’s wonderful to guarantee the best fruit for our customers, to market it and to develop a transparent and strong chain in the process. I travel a lot to Latin America for that. After years of living in the Netherlands, Athens is now my permanent home.

I also find it valuable to be able to do something for our fellow human beings who are not as richly blessed as we are here in the West. I enjoy combining that with our business activities. Together with the FMI team, this is how we try to create extra value for our clients and strike a good work-life balance.

Apart from that, I am happily married to my wife Konstantina and enjoy beautiful Greece where, by the way, we have the most delicious cuisine – at least, I think so😉.

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