Hakuna Matata

The ultimate brand of Limes in our collection. The name says it all: it reflects our ambitions. This brand is specially developed by our growers for different customers and target groups.

Relax, this is The Lime King! The youngest member of the family loves the beach and doesn’t take things too seriously . Life is too good to be in a rush, so take it easy and enjoy today. These Brazilian juicy Limes are grown by our regular growers and are of course packed in different sizes.

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Tahiti Limes 4,5 KG

The Lime King Limes from Brazil,

available in the following sizes  42 – 48 – 54 – 60

Available all year long


Relax en make a drink with The Lime King! These juicy Limes from Rio Preto just ask for you to cool off on a warm beach-day!


This citrus fruit grows mainly in the tropical lowlands and is sensitive to cold. Under the right weather conditions, they are available all year round and are used in drinks and as seasoning.

Our limes are SUPER HEALTHY

Limes are packed with antioxidants and vitamins! Start your day with a fresh Lime juice -a squeezed Lime with (sparkling) water- and you’re ready to go.