Our Core Business

Years of experience, dedication, and specialization in the fruit industry have led us at FMI to focus on three specific products in which we have become experts: Limes, Lemons, and Ginger.

Our three pillars: 

Our expertise and specialization are primarily in the field of Limes. This focus has made us one of the largest Lime importers in Europe over the past few years. The bulk of our Lime production is based in Brazil, supplemented by other Latin American countries such as Peru and Colombia.    Read more about our Limes.

FMI also imports overseas Lemons from Argentina. We have a long-standing partnership with a major importer from Tucumán who exclusively packages his best lemons for us under the brand Royal Fresh. These Lemons are available in 6kg and 18kg boxes. Additionally, we import South African lemons, a market that is continually growing    Read more about our Lemons.  

Ginger is the third pillar within FMI. We have chosen to focus on the import of Brazilian and Chinese Ginger. We work with a select number of growers who can supply ginger year-round, both by container and by air.   Read more about our Ginger.

Sustainability and Organic Products

In addition to our three pillars, we are increasingly focusing on organic products, particularly in the area of Limes. We collaborate with growers from countries such as Colombia and Peru to achieve our sustainable mission through organic and fair trade practices.

Broader Assortment

While our focus is on our three ‘great loves,’ FMI also offers other products. Thanks to our extensive relationships and logistical expertise, we can meet diverse customer needs. If desired, we can supply Papayas year-round by air from Brazil under our own label, Royal Fresh. We offer both the Formosa variety and the smaller Golden Papayas with the highest quality—available in various stages of ripeness. Spanish varieties like Sweet Mary are also part of our assortment.    Read more about our Papaya offerings.

Additionally, we supply turmeric year-round and have extensive experience with various tropical fruits. Contact us if you have questions about products not currently listed on our price list but in which you are interested.

We always see possibilities!

Likable Limes

These exclusive citrus fruits are super healthy, packed with vitamin C, and primarily grow in tropical regions. With over twenty years of experience in the lime market, FMI has become one of the largest lime importers in Europe. The foundation of our lime imports lies in Brazil, where we collaborate with several renowned growers and farmers. Together with them, we can offer the best Brazilian limes 52 weeks a year. We do this with a focus on people and the environment to ensure this sustainable partnership continues for a long time.

Thanks to our close relationship with the growers and our focus on full supply chain control, we know exactly where our fruit comes from and how it is grown. On behalf of FMI, two agricultural engineers visit our growers and their plantations in Brazil daily. Additionally, the Dutch purchasing team visits these areas in Brazil every two months. This enables us to guarantee quality and quickly find solutions for any issues in the market. We can also provide direct programs from the farmer to the customer.

Our limes are packaged under our own brands: The Lime King, which reflects our ambition, and the brands Royal Fresh and Toro Verde.

In addition to Brazilian limes, we also work with various growers in Colombia and Peru, ensuring we can always meet the demands and wishes of our customers.


Limes 4,5 Kg

Royal Fresh Limes from Brazil, sizes  42 – 48 – 54 – 60

Available all year round


Limes 4,5 KG

Toro Verde Limes uit Brazilië, from Brazil, sizes  42 – 48 – 54 – 60

Available all year round


Limes 4,5 KG

Limeking Limes uit Brazilië, from Brazil, sizes  42 – 48 – 54 – 60

Available all year round

Lovely Lemons

FMI’s second love is lemons. We supply overseas lemons from Argentina. We have been working with a major importer from Tucuman for many years, who packs his best lemons in Royal Fresh branded packaging exclusively for us: available in 6 Kg and 18 Kg cartons. Argentinian lemons are available every year from May to September.

A few years ago, FMI opened its own office in Spain in order to supply our European customers with lemons all year round. This allows our Spanish FMI colleagues to take full responsibility for managing the selection and export of the best products, direct from the tree to the customer. If they wish, they may do so under their own label or with our Royal Fresh brand.


Lemons 6 KG

Royal Fresh Lemons from Argentina. Available in sizes 35 – 40 – 45

Available from May to September



Lemons 18 KG

Royal Fresh Lemons from Argentina. Available in sizes 88 – 100 – 113 – 125

Available from May to September


Spanish Lemons

Royal Fresh Lemons from Valencia, Available in sizes 88 – 100 – 113 – 125

Available from October untill half of June

Picked and packed

Lemons in a net bag

Available in sizes 88 – 100 – 113 – 125

Packaged in any desired weight


Gorgeous Ginger

Ginger is a relatively new, permanent member of the FMI family. Over the past few years, we have focused on and specialised in the import of Brazilian ginger. We work with a number of growers who have many years’ experience with growing, packaging and exporting the best-quality ginger. This ensures that every week, from May to December, we only receive the best ginger in each container. During the other months of the year, we import fresh ‘young’ ginger by plane.

Our import of Brazilian ginger is supplemented with Chinese ginger and other roots such as turmeric.


Ginger 5 Kg

Brazil Ginger from Brazil in 5KG boxes

Available all year round


Ginger 13.6kg

Brazil Ginger from Brazil in 13.6 Kg boxes

Available all year round

Proud Papaya

For papayas, we have focused on direct delivery to our customers. We ensure that papayas are packaged under our own Royal Fresh label and deliver them by air freight from Brazil directly to our customers. This ensures that we are able to supply the highest quality of both the Formosa and the smaller Golden varieties – in various colours if required.

Spanish varieties such as the Sweet Mary also form part of our range. We deliver these directly from the tree to the customer.


Papaya's 3,5 KG

Royal Fresh Papayas from Brazil, available in sizes 8 – 9

Available all year round


Papaya's 4,5 KG

Royal Fresh Papayas from Brazil, available in sizes 3 – 4

Available all year round

Organic and more…

At Fruit Market International, we provide not only conventional limes but also organic products. We recognize the importance of this growing market and believe that this method of cultivation is ultimately a much better and more sustainable way of treating the earth. Although this sector is still in its infancy, we are eager to contribute to its development.

FMI offers organic limes from Peru and Colombia, organic lemons from Spain, and organic ginger from Peru and Brazil. We are proud to contribute to a more sustainable future by providing our customers with high-quality organic products. Together, we are building a healthy and sustainable world for future generations.


Organic Lemons 6 KG

Fair by Nature Organic Lemons from Valencia, Spain, Available in sizes 88 – 100 – 113 – 125

Available from October untill half of June


Organic Oranges 10 Kg

Fair by Nature Organic Oranges from Valencia, Spain, Available in various sizes

Available from October untill half of June