Maarten van Putten

Together with my colleagues, Mirza, Pablo and Jose Fer, I manage FMI BV’s administration. How that came about makes for a great story! I worked for 10 years in various positions at a large energy supplier. At the time, I was training a group of students at the local football club where the team included both my son and Mirza’s. One thing led to another and I transferred 😉 from a multinational to the FMI team, from large-scale to small-scale.

And quite frankly, I get a lot of positive energy from it. The various tasks that are performed in different departments in a large company are in our portfolio. This includes everything you can think of relating to administration – mail-invoicing-payment processing etc. I really appreciate the variety; it’s challenging and makes all of us on the team true “all-rounders”. I enjoy bringing order to the many administrative “tasks” that we get on a daily basis, so that, in turn, the commercial team can function optimally. “We Grow Service!” on all fronts! Furthermore, fruit is a beautiful and healthy product that the FMI team helps to market. The atmosphere in our team is personal and it’s not just about numbers.

I really enjoy sports and cycling in particular. I “pedal” to work on a regular basis and in the weekends I try to keep up with my sons, who have now also become enthusiastic cyclists, ha ha. In this way, we maintain a healthy balance between our personal life and work so that we can do our work Healthy & Happy!

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