Peter Bouman

Our sector of fruit & vegetables is a wonderful and always challenging industry, so I can honestly say that I have a fantastically dynamic job. I have been working in this business more than 25 years (it’s a cliché, but time flies). It is a privilege and challenge every day to make our suppliers and customers happy together with my colleagues. My dream is to turn FMI into a company that makes you extremely happy and where we also do things a little differently from the ‘crowd’. My motto is: ‘dare to be yellow’; or rather dare to be different and distinctive!

In my spare time, by the way, I’m active in our church congregation, because there is more between heaven and earth than FMI alone. I also enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife and children/children-in-law. However, FMI also feels like family. And yes, it’s also a time-consuming hobby 😊 and something I can happily get my teeth into.

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