Narek Gyurjyan

I was born in Armenia, one of the oldest civilizations and a beautiful country. However, when I was only 2 years old, my parents, along with my older brother and grandmother, immigrated to Italy, from my uncle. Not long after, due to work merit, he moved to the US in search of The American Dream… I think that perfectly illustrates my family’s nature; thinking in possibilities and daring to create opportunities for ourselves!


Meanwhile, I grew up in a rural village in the hills on the outskirts of Rome. My parents encouraged us to be positive – ‘do good for others; it will come back in unexpected ways’ – and to engage in sports a lot; we even achieved the black belt in Hwal Moo Do, don’t mess with me, haha. Alongside my studies in Business Management, I worked various part-time jobs, I like to roll up my sleeves.


A few years ago, my brother got a job in the Netherlands – my parents were meanwhile following my uncle again- so together we started a new chapter in our lives here. inventive and hardworking as we’ve learned to be, there are always opportunities! Over time, I gained a lot of experience in various logistics companies, especially in large corporations.


Now – at FMI – I’m proud to be part of a small and dedicated team where everyone knows their responsibility and the lines of communication are short. In the warehouse, I coordinate every incoming and outgoing shipment daily and handle the Quality Control of the fruit we deliver to our customers, with love.

At our warehouse at Kivits-Goes Handling bv in Barendrecht, I manage my own cold storage cell, allowing me to always see the incoming goods with my own eyes. As the linchpin, I maintain control over the deliveries and act as the link between transportation and my commercial colleagues and their clients. I like to be part of the FMI-family. We work with a great team where appreciation, trust, and respect are ‘key’.


My motto is: “By paying attention to small details, great things can be achieved.”

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