Mirza Husic

I am Mirza Husic, the finance man at FMI. I was born and raised in the Brčko District in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1993, I fled to the Netherlands with my family, because of the war that was raging in my country at the time.


In the subsequent years, I have come to feel increasingly at home here in the Netherlands, and am a happy man and father of two beautiful sons.

I have been employed by FMI since its establishment and continue to learn new things every day. My motto therefore is: ‘Keep learning, keep moving; never stand still.’ The right roadmap is an integral part of every success story, because you will never get anywhere without a goal.

And by the way, do you want to know why I am holding that ginger like that? Our beautiful products are our ‘babies’; they deserve love, passion and attention!

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