José Fernando Castaño Inza

At FMI I am – with great pleasure – responsible for the logistical planning and transport of our fruit on a daily basis. And what is actually funny is that what my grandfather used to do, I continue but in a modern setting! Here’s the thing: years ago he bought watermelons and other fruit from local farmers and then drove his truck to the local market to trade it. From childhood I regularly stayed with him and in his market stall where he taught me the tricks of the trade and to always look for the best quality and the best conditions in this beautiful sector. So what he did, I also do, ensure that fruit comes from A to B in the best condition and make customers satisfied with beautiful fresh products! “A chip off the old block” ☺.
After my study Business Management and various experiences in the international fruit and vegetable business, I was able to further develop my knowledge. I previously worked for a relatively large fruit company and where I was responsible for a small part of the logistics chain. What I love about FMI is that I am involved in all aspects of logistics. As a logistics planner I am the spider in the web between the sellers and customers. I am always looking for trust and a good relationship with all of FMI’s relations. After all, “We grow service” is our motto and I am happy to contribute to that goal!