Frans van der Velden

I have been working as Chief Logistics Officer for many years now. I started my career as a young lad at the Port of Rotterdam, back in 1989. That’s where I learnt the ropes of logistics and customs. Then at the turn of the century I got into the potatoes, vegetables and fruit (AGF) sector through an acquaintance, and expanded my skills in food safety and all kinds of certifications. I always enjoy getting to the bottom of things and solving logistical puzzles. Our work is varied and dynamic; no two days are the same!

In my spare time, I can often be found at the ice rink playing ‘sledge hockey’ with my team ‘The Lime Kings’, which is sponsored by FMI. I also like to be out and about with my children, and enjoy cooking a good piece of meat on my BBQ at the weekend.

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