Hakima El Bouyadi

I’ve been working hard for FMI in the warehouse for a number of years now, and I’m proud to be in charge of the Quality Control of the fruits that we deliver to our clients!

Every day, I monitor the quality of all incoming and outgoing deliveries and make sure that the right pallets arrive at the customer in good condition. I love my job and really enjoy assessing our fruits, but have a particular preference for limes. I sometimes joke that they’re my green diamonds; they have to look perfect before leaving the premises.

We are located next to the port of Rotterdam, so our fruits arrive at our cold storage facilities at Kivits-Goes Handling bv in Ridderkerk in no time. In this ultramodern storage and transhipment facility, I’ve got my own cold store/office, so I can always check the incoming goods for myself. Like a spider in a web, I am able to keep control of the deliveries and facilitate transportation for my commercial colleagues and their clients. We work in a nice team where appreciation, trust and respect are key. So, as time has passed, my job has gradually come to feel like my hobby: I ♥ FMI ☺

Of course, I’m very proud of my Moroccan roots! I’m a family man and love spending time with my mother and sisters in the kitchen. My spring rolls, coconut biscuits and Moroccan tea are now famous at work and I often make them for the team 😉

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