Cristina Trillo Rueda

After several years of experience in accountancy and administration, I have had the opportunity to join the FMI team in Spain.

I was born and raised in Alicante, which – as far as I’m concerned – is the best place on earth to live and work! The climate is lovely, and it has the vibrancy of city life but the conviviality of a village. What a great match to be able to work here as well.

I can really say that I love numbers and the financial world. I enjoy putting the daily flow of orders and invoices in order and working with the international FMI team, which allows me to continue developing my language skills in English and French.

A little about me: I like to read, watch movies, play the piano and I’m learning to play beach volleyball. A fun fact to mention is that I find it immensely relaxing to solve Sudokus (naturally, being an accountant ☺). Apart from that, I love animals – I have two funny cats – and I’m a vegetarian. So it’s wonderful to be able to work in this sector – may the fruit be with you! ☺

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