Lime market situation has greatly improved

Closing the restaurants was a dramatic hit for the limes market. There was too much supply and the supermarkets emphasised the basic items. “After a considerable period of extremely low prices, the situation for limes has now improved,” says René Bouman of Fruit Market International.

He continues: “Volumes from Mexico are virtually nil and volumes from Brazil have fallen sharply. As a result, prices are slowly inching back to a normal and workable level. The supply is expected to remain limited for the coming weeks. ”

royal fresh

“Fortunately, we were able to move quickly at the FMI office in Barendrecht and adapt to the new situation,” says Peter Bouman. “We were already well prepared to be able to work remotely and from mid-March we have all been working partly at home and in the office. Fortunately, we have a beautifully spacious office and if the measures are relaxed, the 1.5 meter standard will not be a problem for us to work in the office with full occupancy. Furthermore, we use a lot of video conference options to keep seeing and discussing with each other, it is also an excellent way to see and speak to our customers and suppliers in other places around the world. Our motto: “When life gives you Limes… make Lemonade!” ;-) "


The lemon market has been very good recently. FMI has also been doing Spanish lemons for several months. Jose Espinoza organises this for FMI España S.L. from Alicante, Spain. In this way, FMI can offer customers lemons all year round under the well-known Royal Fresh brand. In addition to lemons, FMI España also offers other Spanish products such as stone fruit and melons. The first lemons from Argentina are also on the way. This year again with the same supplier in its own brand Royal Fresh. The first arrivals are expected in the second week of May.