Expansion of The FMI Team!

In the last months the FMI team has welcomed two new colleagues; Jose Espinoza and Bert van Gelder. Jose is working at our new office in Alicante. His focus will be on exporting Spanish product to our European client network. Bert van Gelder started as a senior buyer-trader in our office in Barendrecht. He has many years of experience in the fruit industry and he is objective will be to expand the product portfolio within the team.

The following article has recently been published in Fruit Today:

With many years of experience in trading, the team of Fruit Market International (FMI) is the leading lime specialist. We have consciously decided to focus on what we are good at: Limes, as well as Lemons and Papayas. In addition, FMI offers a broad overseas and local range for their widespread European network of customers. FMI would like to make a difference! In an unruly trade with frequent moments of excess supply and shortage, the FMI team makes sure to provide the best possible price for their producers and suppliers. “In this way, we want to contribute to improving the circumstances for the people involved in the production chain. At FMI we also think it's important to enjoy our work, to have a service mindset and to do the right thing. In doing so, we try to make choices that are sustainable."

How do we do that? "We're not trying to compete on price. Our strength lies in powerful exclusive brands, our personal approach, diversified sales and a controlled chain allowing us to serve our suppliers and customers in an optimal way” says Peter Bouman. With branches in Brazil, the Netherlands as well as in Spain we can guarantee a controlled chain so that the best quality fruit is delivered to the customers as quickly as possible. We visit the cultivation areas every month and have daily contact with our customers. Our high quality fruit obtains added value by packaging it under striking brand names.

In order to market not only overseas lemons, but also Spanish lemons, directly from the source, under its own brands Royal Fresh, Toro Verde and Fair by Nature, FMI recently opened an office in Alicante (FMI Espana S.L). The first employee, Jose Espinoza, started to work there recently, and FMI is still looking for a second commercial colleague. If you would like to know more, go to https://www.fmibv.nl/en/.


The FMI Team: Bert - Maarten - Frans - Jose - Peter - Rene - Marlies - Mirza - Daan - Louis - Hakima - Hans