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Onze webshop is LIVE!

Onze webshop is LIVE! Afgelopen maanden is er achter de schermen hard gewerkt aan de ontwikkeling van de website. Vanaf nu kunnen wij met trots zeggen dat ons gehele aanbod in de nieuwe webshop te zien is. De webshop geeft klanten de mogelijkheid om alle producten, actuele prijzen en realistische productfoto’s 24/7 te bekijken en te bestellen.  

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Ginger is the best!

Ginger: some people love it, some people less: but one thing is for sure it’s super healthy, I must confess!

So, after this little poem, let’s get to serious business. It’s not a lie, ginger indeed is extremely healthy and this root is therefore used for many medical purposes. In this blog, I want to focus on the benefits of consuming Ginger, but I also want to give more examples on how to use this root. There’s more in the world than just tea with ginger. Here are some original ideas listed just for you. You’re welcome ;).

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Lime market situation has greatly improved

Closing the restaurants was a dramatic hit for the limes market. There was too much supply and the supermarkets emphasised the basic items. “After a considerable period of extremely low prices, the situation for limes has now improved,” says René Bouman of Fruit Market International. 

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First shipment of Spanish Primofiori Lemons under own label Royal Fresh!

Our colleagues have not been sitting around doing nothing since the FMI office opened in Spain. José Espinoza in particular went out every day to visit Spanish suppliers, exchange knowledge and scout opportunities. We are therefore incredibly proud that his work has yielded fruit so soon: The first pallets of beautiful Primofiori Premium Quality Lemons in gleaming Royal Fresh boxes!

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Expansion of The FMI Team!

In the last months the FMI team has welcomed two new colleagues; Jose Espinoza and Bert van Gelder. Jose is working at our new office in Alicante. His focus will be on exporting Spanish product to our European client network. Bert van Gelder started as a senior buyer-trader in our office in Barendrecht. He has many years of experience in the fruit industry and he is objective will be to expand the product portfolio within the team.

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