Juan Antonio Ferre

My name is Juan Antonio Ferre and I am the organic product specialist at FMI.


Under the Fair by Nature brand, I make sure that our customers receive the best organic products every day. And in particular, limes, lemons and oranges. Our goal is to combine respect for traditional agriculture with fast service for our customers, as well as to optimise logistics to reduce our carbon footprint.


I draw much of my inspiration from my passion for sport, especially cycling! This sport is a way of life for me. It has taught me to respect nature, persevere and never give up when the going gets hard. All of these are values that I try to incorporate in my work at FMI and in our Fair by Nature brand.


Through my experience in the organic sector, I have built a relationship of trust with growers, which allows me to offer my customers the best products. For me, every day in this sector is like a stage of the Tour de France: challenging but a great journey to the finish. And to rise to these challenges, I work with a brilliant team – both in Spain and here in the Netherlands. Together, we all make the ride that bit easier.


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